Mateus Silvestrin

Mateus Silvestrin


Mackenzie Presbyterian University

I am fascinated by the dynamics of affect and cognition and, also, by the brain’s role in it. My academic experience has shown me time and again that our best chance of advancing the understanding of these complex questions is with scientific rigor and interdisciplinary efforts. Likewise, I believe it is essential to be aware of Psychology and Neuroscience’s place as historically situated human endeavors. Thus, my aim is to join technical excellence and critical attitude in research.

I investigated the neural correlates of time perception at UFABC’s Timing Lab in my PhD. Currently, I am a post-doc at the Social and Cognitive Neuroscience Lab at the Mackenzie Presbyterian University, where I study associations between affect and moral judgement. I also study emotion discrimination in collaboration with UFABC’s Developmental, Affective, and Social Neuroscience Lab.

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  • Emotion
  • Time perception
  • Neuroimaging
  • Psychometrics
  • M\EEG Decoding
  • SEM


  • PhD in Neuroscience and Cognition, 2022

    Universidade Federal do ABC (UFABC)

  • MSc in Neuroscience and Cognition, 2017

    Universidade Federal do ABC (UFABC)

  • Training in Child Neuropsychology, 2014

    Universidade Estadual de Campinas (UNICAMP)

  • Bachelor in Psychology, 2013

    Universidade Federal de São Paulo (UNIFESP)